Financial Policies 

Laboratory Results

Please contact our office within 24 hours if you can not attend your appointment. After 3 missed appointments without contacting our office, patient may be asked to seek another provider. 

If you did not receive your lab results from the patient portal, please contact our office. 

Friendly Policy

Please make your appointments in advance. 


Many days, our schedules are full. Please be considerate and contact us if you are late. Lateness time allowed is 15 minutes. You may be asked to reschedule. 

Call Us:  512.832.1300

Patients covered by PPO and HMO policies must pay their co-pay at the time of service. If your insurance carrier does not pay or denies your claim, you will be responsible for the service. Patients who wish to see Dr. Tony Dang outside their assigned insurance plan guidelines must pay for services and be reimbursed by the insurance compnay. PPO/HMO patients are expected to confirm with their insurance plans that Dr. Tony Dang is the participating provider. It is the patient's responsibility to inform the office of changes in policies, family member covered, or benefits. Medicare patients are accepted. Claims returned to our office due to incorrect information will be forwarded to the patient and balance payments will be expected. 

Our office does not bill third party payors such as PIP (personal injury protection) for motor vechicle accidents or attorneys.

‚ÄčLateness and Tardiness 


Due to CoVID-19, we are not accepting any walk-ins. Please call our office to make an appointment.  Be kind and patient. 

Missed Appointments

We understand that you are not yourself when you are sick. However, rudeness is not tolerated. Stay healthy by being kind and considerate.