2. What is a deductible?

1. How do I refill my medication?

Not all insurance approve all drugs. Therefore, your insurance may require additional information to approve the medication that is being prescribed. Please allow 2-3 days for this process. Most of the time, an alternative medication can be prescribed as an option.

A deductible is the amount that the patient must pay before the insurance will pay. If you do not know your deductible, please call your insurance. 

1. Can I see Dr. Dang if I don't have insurance?

About Insurance

Yes. First, ask your insurance if you have any Out-of-Network Benefit coverage. 

      1. If yes, ask your insurance what you can do to assign Dr. Tony Dang as your primary care doctor.  Your insurance will                    decide this.  If Dr. Dang is assigned as your Out-of-Network PCP, please provide all reference information to our office.

      2. If no, you will be asked to pay for the office visit. 

5. I need to see a specialist. Do I need a referral?

4. Can I see Dr. Dang if he is not In-Network with my insurance?


Prescribed Medications

If you have an HMO insurance, contact your insurance to assign Dr. Tony Dang as your primary care physician (PCP). Dr. Dang must be effective as your PCP prior to your visit. If Dr. Dang is not your PCP, you will be asked to pay for the office visit. 

Yes. Our office accepts patients who does not have insurance. Please call our front desk to query about office visit fees. 

​3. How do I make Dr. Dang my primary care physician (PCP)?

2. The pharmacy said that my medication needs a PA - Prior Authorizaton. What is a PA - Prior Authorization?

Call Us:  512.832.1300

Please contact your insurance if a referral is mandatory to see a specialist. If a referral is not needed, you may contact the specialist directly. If you do need a referral from Dr. Dang (PCP), please contact our office to make an appointment.

Don't run low on your medication. If you are a patient at our clinic AND the medication has been written by Dr. Dang, call your pharmacy to fax a Refill Request. Allow your pharmacy 2-3 days to complete this process. However, if you have not see Dr. Dang as indicated by your last appointment, it may be time for an appointment.

However, if you are a patient at our clinic AND the medication HAS NOT been written by Dr. Dang, please contact our office for an appointment.